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  • Date: Thu, 2 Jan 2003 22:19:04 +0100 (West-Europa (standaardtijd))

Goddamn Cha.. 

I Own a puter comp.. and even I dont have such a warmachine... 



Stop us now... 

=MD= The DuDe  <L>

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Date: donderdag 02 januari 2003 21:32:58
To: clan-dff@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [clan-dff] Re: [clan-dff] Hi there.

well first off happy new year to all of ya!
ok im registered on GD forums as =MD=chaquest...
as far as the logo goes you can send it to me directly as an attachment.
umm and i just found out from my mom that shes probably gonna buy me a new 
pc sometime this month :) it will of course be a gateway since she works 
there...whut she was talking about sounded sweet...hyper-threaded P4 3.06 
GHz, 1024 MB PC1066, 2 200GB HD, DVD-RAM, Radeon 9700 pro, 22inch LCD, and 
some other misc crap...god that will a fricken sweet rig. then all ill need 
is a good connection :P (sigh)

well anyways good to hear from ya all


Joshua Tosten

> Hi there Joshua, 
> First of all, i wish you a happy new year. lol.. and a speedy return,
> and a kickass connection. Coz i hear you can take me.. well. i dont
> want to try.. lmao... but i would like to see you take out our
> enemy's.. we have build up a good rep at gamesdomein.. and we are
> considered a good and fair clan. Too bad you cant be here.. we have a
> tourney coming up in a week, 3 on 3 peeps. and you would have made a
> good player.. so i hear.. 
> Duncan, Jules, and me will be in it for MD.. and we have some good
> competition.. its the first time we will play as a (small) team.. i
> wonder how far we get.. prob 3 sec in the first round.. rolfmfao.
> We have a subname just for the tourney.. as required, wich is 
> 'Anihilators. " and a very cool logo.. too bad i cant send it over the
> list. but if you go take a look on gamesdomain forum.. RTCW.. you can
> post there.. make sure you reg as =MD= .. and see the progress in the
> tourney.. and catch up on our cease fire stunt... as well as get to
> know us all a bit.. since most regulars of GD server Marketgarden are
> also on the forum.. including me, Duncan and Jules.. (eatme).. ill
> give you the url.. maybe it will be alowed on the list.. dont know what
> this stupid thing can do.. :-)
> http://forums.gamesdomain.co.uk/forumdisplay.php?s=&forumid=20
> In the mean time we have grown a bit.. we have Duncan. and sman as
> additions . and they are all good players and cool to talk too.. sure
> wish you were with us m8... get that damn connection... :-)
> Anyways.. i hope to see ya on the forum,..maybe you can feel less left
> out,.
> wich you arent.. but yes.. we use msn quite a bit... and not the
> list.. 
> Stay cool.
> =MD= The DuDe <L>
> .


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