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  • Date: Fri, 11 Sep 2015 20:34:22 +0100

This email has been issued to all of the county email groups.

Only one week to go to the Annual Event and I need your help!

Every year at the Annual Event we have a review of things which have happened
during the past year, and every year I scramble around trying to get photos to
add at the last minute!

I need you to send me photos of whatever your unit or district have been doing
since August 2014. I'm also looking for photos of county events such as Make a
Splash, the walks, orienteering, Rainbow fun day, county camp etc.

I have so far received photos from only 5 units. If you've posted photos to the
leaders Facebook group during the year, then that's great and I'll already have
those photos as well.

Everyone in our county takes part in so many great activities every week, and
we want to share the fun and adventure that we all experience throughout the
year. So please choose just a couple of photos and send them asap (by midnight
on Thursday) to carolyn_luke@xxxxxxxxxx.

Wouldn't it be great if every unit and district could be represented in this
years review :)

Thanks very much for your help :)
Carolyn Luke

Please note: The girls in the photos need to have the full photo permission so
that the photos can also be used in the future on the website, Facebook page

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