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> SafetyBeltSafe U.S.A. announces that the 2013 DVD of Child Restraint Manufa=
> cturers' Instructions is now in stock. The collection covers all of the 342=
> child restraints available over the past 10 years (through December, 2012)=
> , with manufacturer instructions and a current Summary Sheet. The Summary S=
> heets are organized in a consistent fashion for every seat. If you'd like a=
> sample of one of our Summary Sheets, we'd be happy to send one.=0A=
> =A0=0A=
> The Summary Sheets are not substitutes for instructions, but do make it mor=
> e likely that users can find the key points quickly, learn if there have be=
> en updates since the instructions were first produced, and see the most imp=
> ortant drawings relating to the safety seat. Also included are manufacturer=
> instructions for special needs safety seats.=0A=
> =0A=
> Prices remain the same as last year, starting at $20 each, including shippi=
> ng, for fewer than 100 per order.=0A=
> =A0=0A=
> The Color Pictorial Guide has also been updated and includes photographs fo=
> r almost every safety seat made 2003 - December, 2013.=0A=
> =A0=0A=
> Unfortunately, many manufacturers do not show the model name on their produ=
> cts and/or on the instruction booklets. Additionally, if a model name was o=
> riginally shown on a sticker, the sticker may have been peeled or washed of=
> f.=0A=
> =A0=0A=
> The photographs are organized by seat type, then by manufacturer, then by s=
> imilarity of appearance. Above each photograph, the manufacturer and brand,=
> if applicable, are shown in bold, then the model name, followed by the dat=
> es when the product was first made and when or if it was discontinued.=0A=
> =0A=
> The Color Pictorial may be ordered as a print-out ($50 plus $17 shipping) o=
> r under license, at $30 per each permitted printout, up to 9 copies. For la=
> rger orders, please contact us. =0A=
> =A0=0A=
> To order either of these products, please call us at 310/222-6860, or visit=
> =A0=0A=
> Stephanie Tombrello, LCSW, CPSTI=0A=
> Executive Director=0A=
> SafetyBeltSafe U.S.A.=0A=
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