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Hmm, I'm getting really curious to see what the rare items that are yet to
be released are.  I ~really~ like the idea of having more interesting,
powerful items that aren't just gear to go out and buy, but stuff you have
to quest for.  Toys for DMs to work into the plot in a meaningful way so
that a reward like that matters.  I wonder how akin to Artifacts they will
be, power level wise?

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> Aha! Okay, so I was wrong, you can BUY Uncommon items too! Here's an
> article with a section about the new Magic Item rules:
> http://critical-hits.com/2010/08/07/gen-con-2010-dd-new-products-seminar/
> Quote from the article: "Common and uncommon items can be bought and
> created by characters. Rare items can only be given out by a DM. Most items
> already in existence are going to be retroactively classified as Uncommon,
> and almost all items going forward in new books will be Rare."
> So there we have it folks. Awesome. In other words, nothing is actually
> changing at all.
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>  I'm pretty pleased with all of these changes, although I was skeptical
> about the Magical Item Rarity one at first. I had to go looking it up
> online, and I'm pretty sure you misprinted what Uncommon means. I'm pretty
> sure Players can CREATE Uncommon items as per the appropriate Rituals, they
> just cannot BUY them. That's what the big article at WOTC seemed to be
> implying anyway. As far as I can interpret the article, it's like
> this: Common items can be made and bought by players. Uncommon items can be
> MADE by players, but not BOUGHT by players. Rare items cannot be made nor
> bought by players. In general, if your item has a magical property that's
> not just a flat Enhancement bonus, it's probably going to be Uncommon at
> least. Uncommon and Rare items also sell for more money, Rares going for
> full price and Uncommons I think going for 50% instead of the meager 20%.
> Along side this, they completely removed the limit to Item Daily Power
> usage, so now you CAN use more than one item's Daily power a day, which is a
> very good thing.
> If it's like this, honestly I can get behind it, since in my point of
> view Magic Items on a whole are kinda getting out of hand. It makes certain
> magic items more exciting to find during a game. Rather than just "Oh.
> Another Boots of the Fencing Master. Thanks" it'll now be "Holy shit YES
> Boots of the Fencing Master!". However, there are more than a few questions
> I have about this rule. You obviously couldn't implement it into a campaign
> that's already running without stripping your characters down and rebuilding
> them from the ground up. On that note, there's nothing telling you how to
> assign items to a higher levelled character yet, and I'm hoping they address
> this issue. Having Rare items completely off limits to your character at
> character creation makes truckloads of sense, but what about Uncommon items?
> It wouldn't make any sense NOT to have access to Uncommon Items when
> creating a higher levelled character because quite frankly, there aren't
> enough Common magic items to hand out for each Level of Magic Item you're
> supposed to start with. Besides, if you're a Ritual user and have Enchant
> Magic Item as a ritual, there's no reason why you wouldn't have a few
> Uncommons to start with.
> Lastly, and quite possibly the biggest hurdle about this new rule, is that
> they will have to assign Common, Uncommon and Rare properties to EVERY ITEM
> EVER MADE. There's what, like five billion of them now? We won't actually
> know what items get assigned what property unless they specifically errata
> every single item they have ever made in every book and somehow make it
> readily available for EVERYONE to read. They better not just handwave this
> and say "Well, we'll just update the character builder and you can look at
> it there" because I don't use character builder and I will NEVER use
> character builder. Those lazy assholes at Wizards are really getting
> obnoxious with not realising that not everyone in the entire world has
> access to character builder. This is going to be a giant headache for both
> GMs and Players alike until they have this sorted out.
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> Subject: [citansdnd] D&D Essentials update (part 1)
>  The update document for existing books, to cover the first volume of D&D
> Essentials, is attached.
>  The discussion on the forums expects at least one and probably at least
> two more updates of similar or larger size based on Essentials, as there are
> other extensive changes in progress including a rewrite of how treasure gets
> allocated to encounters. Also this update only covers PH1, PH2, Martial
> Power, Arcane Power, Divine Power, and Dragon #381.
>  Stuff I spotted and thought noteworty:
>  * Assad will love the change to Sneak Attack. Now it is once per turn,
> not once per round. This probably makes Rogues the high-damage melee
> characters in any even mildly complex combat.
>  * Two Weapon Fighting now applies to both weapons.
>  * Weapon Focus is now strictly for weapon powers. It used to affect
> implement powers also, if you were using a weapon of the selected type as an
> implement.
>  * Great Fortitude, Iron Will, and Lightning Reflexes used to be Paragon
> feats which you would retrain out in Epic. Now they are Heroic feats that
> scale by tier.
>  * Rapiers are now Military Light Blades. They still do 1d8 damage (yay,
> no other Military Light Blade does that), and are *not* Offhand (drat).
>  * Visions of Avarice rewritten. One detail that is different is that now
> Sustain Minor also has you make the secondary attack as part of the same
> action - the old version takes a second minor action. There are other
> differences as well.
>  * A number of Wizard powers now have Miss effects.
>  * A character with the Heal power (Divine Power page 40) can now target
> himself if he likes.
>  * All existing magic items are now Uncommon, with the exception of a
> surprisingly short list which are Common. What this means is not covered in
> this document, but it's annoying: you can't make or buy Uncommon items, and
> half the magic items you find will be Common. There's another category,
> Rare, that doesn't get mentioned at all in this document, and goes beyond
> annoying to downright nasty; your character will only receive one Rare item
> per tier. By the way, a large majority of our party's magic items, exclusive
> of healing potions, are Uncommon.
>  (The tradeoff for this rarity system is that you can forget the limit on
> the number of item daily powers you can use per day. You can use every daily
> power of every item you have, every day. If rumors turn out to be correct,
> this means you'll be using item daily powers *less* often than you do
> now.)
>  * If you are proficient with any implement (weapon proficiency doesn't
> count), you can use it with any implement power you have. This means, for
> example, a paladin that acquires Magic Missile (even if not a hybrid) can
> use his holy symbol as the implement for that wizard power and get full
> benefit. However, there's a limited exception for weapliments depending on
> how you got the implement proficiency.
>  * Melee Training got nerfed.
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