[ciscomgr] Re: time to lay down the law?

  • From: Rupert Spencer <rupertspencer@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: ciscomgr@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 12 Nov 2002 20:44:32 -0600

While the goatse.cx links didn't need to be given, the guy did deserve a
trout slap - his legitimate question was easily answered by a simple search,
instead of asking for it to be handed to him on a silver platter. "nat 1700"
returns 187  hits on public cco and the first hit had a configuration
example.Grounds for BAR in my opinion.

Still, Kafka's actions violate rule #1 (dont be a dick when u wearing the @)
of the 11 channel commandments, and maybe #7 as well (dont abuse for
legitimate questions) tho see above, I would consider this question very
borderline or  grey area since the first hit on CCO answered it.

It might be that some people just have to be told directly DO NOT POST LINKS
TO FAGGOTRY in the channel, since they obviously either cant put 2 and 2
together or ignore the rule #1 totally.

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From: "Vibhu" <needforspeed@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: <ciscomgr@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Tuesday, November 12, 2002 7:10 PM
Subject: [ciscomgr] time to lay down the law?

> just got home and quietly watched kafka/loph abuse the entire goatse/bomb
> etc shiz on somebody who didnt like other people in the past, neither
> deserve nor need it - the guy actually had a legitimate question and well,
> gayness happened... and yeah i'm kinda pissed on seeing it happen so i'm
> pasting the log:
> *** Cadavre (~Askme@xxxxxxxxxxxx) has joined #cisco
> <nettec> some people just dont learn..
> <jdredd> I dunno about that...
> <jdredd> it's been 10 minutes without any ghey away messages
> <Cadavre> Hi all! Anyone could tell me how to setup NAT on a 1700 cisco
> <pondscum> yes.
> <pondscum> http://www.cisco.com
> <pondscum> search for 'network address translation'
> <pondscum> thanks for playing, have a nice day.
> <Kafka> the info is here:
> <Kafka> http://www.iraqis.org/bomb
> <Kafka> step by step
> <Kafka> also, user contribuited software that helps you set it up at:
> <Kafka> http://goatse.cx/contrib
> <Kafka> and some more stuff at:
> <Kafka> http://www.siliconsamurai.net/stuff
> <pondscum> wow, those are really good links Kafka
> <Kafka> I am trying to be helpful, pond
> <pondscum> you are doing a GREAT job too
> <Kafka> Thank you.
> <Cadavre> Having fun laughing of people i see... Should close the channel
> you are not very helpful or even polite!! Oh i get it change the name to
> #jerkatcisco Thanks anyways for the false help and adios loser
> *** Cadavre (~Askme@xxxxxxxxxxxx) Quit (Quit)
> <Kafka> wow
> <Kafka> but we tried to help!
> <Kafka> he got his $' worth
> <Kafka> I am willing to return every $
> so the question is ... what next?
> i personally feel that kafka's getting more and more out of hand with
> passing day - heck, lemme just say this...i'm damn glad he doesnt live in
> the same city as i do - i dont need to lose sleep worrying about being
> homosexually attacked at night.
> V

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