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  • From: WayzNMeanz@xxxxxxx
  • To: ciscomgr@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 05 Oct 2002 11:26:15 -0400

okay socked, 

here's the draft we discussed, please all of you add or criticise as desired

1.  thou shalt not be a dick, if u wanna be an op, then show a little sense of 
responsibility, the @ does not entitle you to be a bully, you are not opped to 
be rude, insulting, or abusive. You are more than free to be like that, but do 
it without the @
2.  thou shalt clean up yer bans, .ie, if u banned someone last nite, unban 
them today, no need to have a huge junk list, and if u ban thru x, it must be 
for a good reason, and put it in the reason box so it shows up under the 
xbanlist. don’t just clear the ban list indiscriminately, the only ones that 
can do that are tlv and socked
3.  thou shalt not kick the idlers, what’s the use/purpose, lots of folks 
idle, many people lurk cause they are too scared shit to ask a question, 
thinking if they speak, they will get banned
4.  thou shalt not post topics with ghey or lewd crap in it, or the channel 
will be autotopic’d
5.  thou shalt ban the spammers, solicitors, flooders, by all means kick the 
folks that repeat lines
6.  thou not need to tolerate folks lookin for free lunches, no warez of 
course, that’s a no brainer, even some of the ops ask for programs at times 
in channel, don’t do it, we don’t need that crap, that can be done in 
private, keep it out of chan
7.  thou shalt not abuse people for asking legitimate questions, we all have 
been entry level at some point, there are too many fuckin ‘geniuses’ in the 
channel, now that they know sumthing, they think it is their god given rite to 
be a jackass. If u don’t wanna help, then shut the fuck up. By all means kick 
the jackasses that post multiple choice questions that look like homework etc., 
but if someone wants to ask a legitimate question at any level, let it be.
8.  thou shalt not op folks till they have been around the channel for a while, 
ie. If they are friends and you want it to be known, then +v them first, and 
introduce them , and tell them not to be a dick
9.  thou shalt not abuse the female visitors, many get run off by yer 
overwhelming testosterone, its never gonna be a high percentage of female type 
channel, but we have had complaints of some users and ops just mad messaging 
some females to the point they part and never return, and these are actual 
networking chix
10. thou shalt know that the above are very loosey goosey guidelines, but 
chronic transgression will result in your being suspended in X, and eventually 
removed, no one is gonna be a hard ass on any of it, the purpose is just to get 
the channel to be fun for everyone, and have some points of reference, use your 
judgment, and don’t be a jackass

peace \/


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