[ciscomgr] Re: more salad tossing

  • From: WayzNMeanz@xxxxxxx
  • To: ciscomgr@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 26 Sep 2002 09:10:52 -0400

hey now

okay i am for

less responsibility
fewer rules
and no morality (cept for the ghey shit)

i think tlv is on the rite track, of course that's since he pretty much agrees 
with me, we have veto power over the masses voting out or in any jackass/good 

i dont think initially we should vote out any ops, rather put them on notice as 
to what will get people knocked of the dias, and then let them do themselves in

i just threw the level thing out there as a means to not have everyone that has 
just been opped involved in processes that have been ongoing, but of course we 
could exclude those who are higher level but complete jackasses, or those that 
simply do not wanna participate

i think the first thing we might do is get a few more ops in X
, i nominate soranna, she sends me nudie pics, not of herself but of hot 
broads, not like i need more pr0n, but its the thought that counts, and having 
her and |athena will add that womanens touch, and i could see it cutting back a 
bit on the faggotry

anyway, off to meet a realtor



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