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  • From: Merlin Gillespie <mgillespie@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: ciscomgr@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 26 Sep 2002 13:15:39 +0000

On Thursday 26 Sep 2002 9:41 am, you wrote:
> Hey people...

greetings feng shui guru.

> Thanks for all the productive and fun comments... :)

no porn yet!

>The (un)voting @'s issue...:

This scares me and I agree that whining is inevitable.

> So here is a proposition, i like rip's idea of having a part of
> the clowns join the decision process so we can either make
> that crowd level dependant (above certain level means can vote)
> or we just put together a list of names like that by majority vote
> between us.

I think that the larger number of people voting the better, it spreads th=
blame over a larger surface area, when we vote/unvote, and ultimately it =
less likely that one person has to explain him/herself (or feels a duty t=

> Once that is done anyone who is on that list or any of us can at any
> moment propose for a vote to be help over an existing @ (cornercase if
> he is part of that list of leeter @'s... that'd be somewhat more
> complex... would prolly be only us voting then). This would be a vote b=
> majority and we could do it such that any of us has veto right meaning
> we go by majority of votes between US and THEM (@'s in #cisco we chose
> worthy) but if any of US veto's then the thing crumbles...

Good policy, but you should also remember that every op is one extra regu=
channel user, and every regular channel user is one extra person that mig=
have a sister, and every person that has a sister is a potential bringer =
genetics to our pool of inbreds.

> Similar approach for new @'s voting...

How do we work out when/who to vote for, I dislike the idea of people put=
their names on a list, because anyone that specifically asks for ops is i=
all likelyhood a power hungry little troll. However, anyone else that=20
genuinely deserves the whole thing, is automagically excluded by default.
Will we figure out a monthly/quarterly/biannual/annual vote for a static=20
number of people. Then on the basis of this figure choose the X amount mo=
worthy and then narrow it down after that?
Annnnnnnnnnd, this is starting to sound awfully like one of those channel=
full of teenagers with super duper heavy rules, but should ops be given=20
responsibilities, such as website, channel stats, documenting/compiling=20
idiots guides to common questions we get from users. I use these as examp=
as they have been evident in the past, frigg the bot and my personal cybe=
partner back in the day, doing little explanations to stuff, channel stat=
usually done by fud 3 months out of the year, and the channel site that=20
exists but is somewhat slow about being updated (and some doofuses really=
want to be on it, URGH!). But, these examples are only things that have b=
done in the past, if we want to do this again/keep it/whatever/have other=
stuff, that applies too.

I personally find that shit like this often takes the fun out of irc, so =
would be nice to be careful with how heavily we wale on this shit, if we =
anything at all, or we wind up with people running off to other channels =
starting up off shoots when they get ticked with the heinously high level=
s of=20
organization and politics.=20



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