[ciscomgr] Re: lame stuff

  • From: WayzNMeanz@xxxxxxx
  • To: ciscomgr@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 21 Oct 2002 16:16:22 -0400

okay if this doesnt work im gonna cry, but im getting to be a good typist ;)

hiya all

first off, we are buoyed by our perceived acceptance of channel policy, as 
dilineated to you in a recently distributed email. in lieu of no objections, 
these rules are summarily adapted. as borne out by the lack of furor, these 
rules are very loosey goosey, and we expect that they can be lived with, and 
thus far, no extreme measures have been necessitated. 

however, sometimes it comes to lite that additional clarification or adaptation 
of what is or isnt acceptable behavior must be enjoined, so now is your chance 
to be heard on the following amendment,

article 11

thou shalt not act in a sexually predatory manner towards any male or female 
user or oper in the channel or in private message

it has been brought to lite, now and again, that such activities have occured, 
and as a general warning to those who may have participated, be forewarned that 
this can not and will not be tolerated. lets face it, this is irc, and we all 
like to fool around and have fun, but overtly agressive behavior of a sexual 
nature should be sumthing we as ops can rise above. making users feel 
uncomfortable and/or being run off by solicitation and lewd suggestion, either 
in channel or private message, should be avoided. in addition, dilineating 
information about regular users to relative newcomers, as to those who may/can 
be hit on is an act of mental retardation. so if u are a retard, knock that 
crap off. 

our apologies in advance to those who are not guilty of the above, to those who 
have indulged, be on notice, if you dont care, and are committed to continuing, 
then perhaps its best if you parted the channel and carry on your act elsewhere


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