[ciscomgr] Re: donkey's and bananas ...(continued)

  • From: Vibhu <needforspeed@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: ciscomgr@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 25 Sep 2002 20:56:33 -0400

greetings folks, and welcome to the breakfast show from canadastan

update here: the #cisco @powered monkey list is in process - will know by 
tomorrow if freelists approves it or not ... i do like freelists especially 
since majordomo is a pain in the arse to config securely if you have 
virtual domains

not got a lot to say here ..i thought i'd have some to type but then i saw 
all your responses which have basically covered it all... i like the plans 
the Capo (r|p/Joey) has lined up...i'm all for ridding that channel of 
queerness and if there are chicks who will give ops head, hell yeah!

just a couple of things i'm airing out here...i'd say picking new @'s has 
to be voted upon ...majority rules and stuff sounds fine to me.... same for 
getting rid of the old ones...we do have a fair lot and some trimming 
wouldnt be a bad idea though that will create a lot of whining doubtless.

i like the idea of giving chicks a +v if they give pics ...i've seen 
similar policies in other channels ... i'm all for points A and B ...lemme 
toss in some more convolution though:
an occasional temporary (non X) +o to the chicks can be given by an op if 
he thinks that he can get sex? (but only for the purposes of sex) ...if it 
works, hey, get pics for the rest of us.
i like the idea of the 69 level of X access - that way if they get too 
attention grabbing (read attention whore), they cant enforce their will coz 
hey, what's 69 gonna do (other than spit or swallow)

we do need to get rid of that silicon/stuff url ... its been 
over-abused...the old goatse.cx novelty wore off and somehow samurai got a 
gay anal sex fetish happening - we certainly dont need that in the topic or 
anywhere...from my side, i'll make sure i dont refer to goatse.cx (cant be 
encouraging it and then try to make it be dropped)...
i personally favour sending the lamers beggin for cert juarez to a 
non-existant 127.x.x.x ftp coz i think if they cant figure that out, they 
really need to do more "basic" study ...and when they do find out, its not 
something that is gonna hurt em... well, not like the goatse guy anyway.

to paraphrase Xian/Rupert, just some basic rules would work... "with enuff 
of an iron will to bitchslap silly the idiots who try to be queer at low 
prices" ...the iron fist in the velvet glove approach (btw, what medieval 
book is that from? or am i just thinking of man in the iron mask etc?)

btw, dude, rawhide! i've got the blues brothers soundtrack on here :)


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