[ciscomgr] Re: donkey's and bananas

  • From: WayzNMeanz@xxxxxxx
  • To: ciscomgr@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 25 Sep 2002 19:51:21 -0400

couldnt agree more about the fact aht broads are saps and think irc men are 
sensitive, but,,,wtf do u expect, these broads are on irc!!!!

i have never been a supporter of jackasses coming in with homework questions, 
humiliate them all you want in my opinion, cause they are losers, i had one 
today, what's an 800-899 access-list for,,,puhleease

but i see a lot of interesting stuff tossed out there, some of which is 
simplistic, but still qualified enough that the person shouldnt be abused by 
someone whose wiffe doesnt swallow 

as for tlv's comments, the tiered approach is a good one, i say, there is US, 
then a mid range, and only US and the midrange vote on new ops, but then let 
everyone with a @ in on the overall jizz/rules/etc

and as for <<And uhmm btw the chickas dont get 100 or 200 level or so... they 
get X69>> yes of course, what was i thinkin?

rupert, i like yer ideas re: referring those with some clue to the ftp, and of 
course ive already raise the silicon link and i think most of us agree its 
kinda worn thin

we do need some type of suspend policy for excessive repeated abuse, so we can 
work on that, and then once the other list is together we can advise them, if 
they wanna carry on then they can just be regular users

i agree on -> I do not think that anyone should be over 400 without being in 
#ciscoSystems as well.

and im all for simple rules so that this doesnt get too complicated to deal with

rollin rollin rollin,,,raw hide

peace \/ or as vib would say, peace \m/


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