[ciscomgr] Re: donkey's and bananas

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  • Date: Wed, 25 Sep 2002 17:39:37 -0400

I really don't have a lot to add to what has already been said. I think r|p 
made very valid points - the abuse of power, general faggotry, and of course 
chicks that give ops head.

We need a set of guidelines for the channel, but we don't need to go to 
extremes and crush minor infractions under a jackboot either. We are on here to 
have fun, not create an environment where u have to watch everything you say, 
or have to give a long winded explanation with logs and captures and powerpoint 
presentations to justify why you kicked some luser either. Everyone is going to 
have an off day or somebody that bothers them occasionaly that needs a good 
kicking, it is just that the people mentioned seem to abuse the right. I prefer 
using [Omega]'s l:cisco p:juarez when people want CCNA/Net 
Academy stuff rather than give them SiSamurais page. If the question they ask 
is the first hit on cisco.com they deserve what they get tho.

Guidelines we need are:
1) Method or procedure to add new ops. 
2) Procedure to remove or suspend ones that abuse the power - how many 
warnings? Do we spank them with a suspension? That kind of thing.
3) X access level matrix - tlv already said babez get level 69, what other 
levels do we want? I do not think that anyone should be over 400 without being 
in #ciscoSystems as well.
4) Keep stupid shit out of the topic. A good humorous pic or something off 
topic is fine, just not /nick Fudamak /topic I like boys /nick SiSamurai 
5) Keep it simple, we dont need a lot of rules, just a few basic ones.


> From: tlv <tlv@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Date: 2002/09/25 Wed PM 01:12:10 EDT
> To: ciscomgr@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: [ciscomgr] Re: donkey's and bananas
> Mafiosi, Pope, others...,
> I think we can all agree to these baseline rules, we will just have to
> make sure that all @ know that we expect them to behave a little from now
> on... to do that we could go through with creating/using (i think omega
> already did create... ?) another list for #cisco @ powered monkeys to ease
> the communication and at the same time be able to give them a chance to
> vote on certain issues like perhaps new @ etc should the need arrise (and
> should we decide to give away some POWWA to the lowlife <=400
> chipmonks...) (this is something i'd like some input on if possibl3).
> Then of course whenever total abuse is beeing noticed it would be cool to
> let the @ know to refill the engine cooler and uhmm to drop an email to
> this list so that we are all up to date on the abuse_count++...
> So here are some unanswered questions which will come up over and over
> again...:
> 1) how do we pick new @ (see above...)
> 2) how do we get rid of existing @ that we/other @ dont like ? (voting by
> majority? who votes? (see above.... blabla)
> I am sure there are more such points but uhmm a man has to watch some TV
> now and rome was not built in one day either etc.... :)
> And uhmm btw the chickas dont get 100 or 200 level or so... they get X69
> level so that we can all much easier identify the chicks and all... plus
> it makes them really happy and all... :)
> Muh 0.21eurocentz
> p.s: merl... i feel your pain on your quest to find your dad, may the
> forZe be with you!
> On Wed, 25 Sep 2002 WayzNMeanz@xxxxxxx wrote:
> >
> > okay well here are my rewl proposals
> >
> > A. > all broads should be +v if they send a pic and they arent butt ugly, 
> > this way, they will feel important (we all know they arent) and, if they 
> > send us tittie pics of themselves, or wearing skimpy undergarments on their 
> > heads they should be +o @ level 100
> >
> > B. > any broad that actually meets an op and gives him head should be level 
> > 200, cause at that point they are at least as valuable to the channel as 
> > many of the other long term ops. if they swallow, they should be 250
> >
> > C. > ops prolly should be more of the peacekeepers than the trouble makers, 
> > its okay to rabble rouse and stir the pot, or smoke it even, but we know we 
> > have a few miserable jackasses that just wanna be ops to take out their 
> > sexjewel inadequacies on others, we know who they are, so no need to 
> > mention any names, but i will anyway, jd, ck and si. recently, i have told 
> > usmc666 the reason he wasnt added to X was because he started acting like 
> > them. if u wanna be a jackass, fine, but dont expect us to op u. in other 
> > words he used to help people that asked questions, now he just insults them
> >
> > why do i make a big point of this, cause its been one of the biggest 
> > problems, many folks come in and ask legitimate routing and switching 
> > questions, and they just get the www.cisco.com routine, or the 
> > sisamurai/stuff link, i dont see any reason why legitimate questions can 
> > not be fielded and replied to in a relatively civilized manner, if these 
> > ops dont wanna answer, stay silent, and i am not suggesting we become a 
> > help channel, but we prolly would get more networking related folks hanging 
> > out, some with clue, if they didnt see so much faggotry in action.
> >
> > D. > faggotry, we know i got dos622 to finally chill, jd and ck still bait 
> > him, but he's been kewl, so i have no problem directly addressing these 
> > issues with these types of users, its not a ghey channel, and there is no 
> > need for people to be ghey
> >
> > E. > kicking of idlers 'he shoots he scores' is not really funny, ck 
> > obviously has some sexual frustration to work out, that's his problem, but 
> > im gonna ban him the next time i see him do it and let him know why, i dont 
> > give a shit if he's an optical wiz
> >
> > so, we all know about these points, cause we've discussed them, i have no 
> > problem being the heavy, im from jersey and the name is randazzo, pure 
> > sicilian, so i'll be glad to tell ck and si and jd to chill their jets or 
> > they are gonna be ostricized. at the same time, i also wanna keep the 
> > channel fun and loosey goosey, i think if we remove the fear factor more 
> > people will discuss routing and switching, which will lead to more friendly 
> > exchanges on other topics, and that cant be a bad thing.
> >
> > my humble goals
> >
> > diminish visitor abuse
> > remove the faggotry
> > get more broads to hang out (i know there will never be many)
> > keep that fuckin link to si's page out of the topic ;)
> >
> > l8rz  peace \/
> >
> > joey r
> >
> >
> >
> >

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