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  • From: Merlin Gillespie <mgillespie@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 25 Sep 2002 16:53:57 +0000

On Wednesday 25 Sep 2002 2:29 pm, you wrote:

All those rules are good, and my previous question for obvious reasons is=
answered (I found out that tlv isn't my daddy).
I'm going to add my 2 cents, because I'm always that guy.
in response to rule B.
Any guy that gets head from a chick on irc should be given a guarantee th=
at if=20
she goes psycho and starts threatening to kill his bunny rabbits in the=20
channel that he is allowed to A. remove her access and kick her, or B.=20
someone else will do it for him. Otherwise people change their nicks and =
away from the channel to hide from psychotic serial killer broads. Chicks=
irc are very easy to pull, but be careful, chicks that get into internet=20
relationships always seem to think that the guy they are getting into the=
relationship with is somehow more sensitive than every other guy they mee=
t in=20
real life, and don't put 2 + 2 together that a dude who scores on irc is =
lower and more sleazy than the common every day shlub.

The rest are good rules,=20
CCNA academy kids that come around and paste their multiple choice questi=
and ask "is it a, b, c or d" should be sent to shitcity.com in my opinion=
However, people that come in and ask legitimate questions that nobody=20
available knows the answer to, shouldn't be abused for repeating the ques=
after zero response, it would be nice if people started saying "I don't k=
but hang around and someone might" rather than waiting till the 3rd attem=
at the question then telling the person in question that he/she should mo=
a goat with rubber gloves and a bottle of lube.
IRC was invaluable to me when I took my first job, without it, I would ha=
broken more than I did and fixed less than I did.... we must spread the l=

everything else =3D super duper


The Pope.

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