[cisb102su01] Re: Hello All!

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  • Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2002 09:27:10 -0500

Got It!
You can tell if you are on the listserv or not by sending an email to the
posting address.  If you get a copy of it, then you can reason it out that
you have joined the listserv successfully.  In  my email client, I can tell
when an email comes from the listserv because the subject  line begins with
[cisb102su01] .  Keep watch as classmates send email using the listserv and
try to compare that to email that comes from Blackboard, Send Mail, All
Users or email sent form their regular email client.


                    "Doug Dallas"                                               
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                    net>                         cc:                            
                    Sent by:                     Subject:     [cisb102su01] 
Hello All!              
                    02/21/02 09:23 PM                                           
                    Please respond to                                           

Sorry this has taken me so long.  I would appreciate a reply from
anybody who receives this.

Thanks Doug Dallas

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