[cisb102sp04] Cisb102 lesson 3 question 6

  • From: "Charles Lammers" <clamm002@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 21 Feb 2004 17:43:15 -0500

My topic for discussion is peer to peer file sharing.
Oddly enough even though they had the big dilemma with Napster and Morpheus,
being caught for illegal practices with file sharing tools.
File sharing is still alive and available on the network, some of the rules
have changed but files are still downloaded and shared all the time.
The new Napster is out http://www.napster.com but now it has become a pay
site where you have to pay to use thier service to payback for
all the copyrights they have infringed upon in the past. Other P2P services
like Morpheus http://www.morpheus.com , Kazaa
Imesh http://www.Imesh.com, eDonkey http://www.edonkey.com, Gnutella
http://www.gnutella.com, and Limewire
http://www.limewire.com/english/content/home.shtml are still operational but
following a new set of rules.

An organization came together called P2P United http://www.p2punited.org/,
ans et down some new rules which control the use of P2P software and
the laws that govern P2P filesharing to include the copyright laws and
specific laws to protect children from pornography. This organization does
totally put down the use of P2Pfilesharing, it seeks legal ways for users of
these programs to use them while still providing the companies the ability
to profit from thier work and not have to spend it in courts suing for
copyright infringement. This organization is a visionary in noticing that
with out fast paced community not always is it easy to go out to get music
and programs when it can be readily available on the Internet, an
evergrowing commercial media providing a vast amount of information righti
in your household

Charles Lammers

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