[cisb102sp02] Lesson 4, question 4

  • From: Kristen Adorjan <grenbean89@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: cisb102sp02@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 12 Apr 2002 15:45:30 -0700 (PDT)

I decided to learn about telnet from searching for
"telnet tutorials" on http://www.yahoo.com.  From
there I clicked on a link from the search that was:
http://oregonstate.edu/aw/tutorials/telnet/. This site
helped me understand the history of telnet and what
can be done on telnet.  Telnet allows you to remotely
access a computer over the Internet.  You can tell a
computer to create, edit, execute and delete files as
if you were sitting at that computer.  A long time ago
in order for more than one person to use the computer,
"terminals" were connected to the computer.  The
computers were called teletypes which meant fancy
typewriters.  Many universities use telnet for email
for students.  I got to use telnet three years ago
when I attended Grand Valley State University.  I
liked the system and it was easy to use.  I practiced
using telnet using telnet:// in my web
browser.  The telnet box popped up and I typed in ned
for my login name.  Then it told me things about my
Internet connection and that I sould go to the WWW
site for NED and I clicked on that.  Then it took me
to the NASA/ IPAC ExtraGalatic Database.  There it
gave me a table of information I can click on to find
information about NED.  Literature, data, objects,
tools, and info.  I learned that NED was built around
a master list of extragalactic objects for which
cross-identifications of names have been established,
accurate positions and redshifts entered to the extent
possible, and some basic data collected.

Kristen Adorjan

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