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  • From: Min Zhuang <zhuangmi@xxxxxxx>
  • To: CISB102 calss Listserv <cisb102sp02@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 03 May 2002 15:57:05 -0400

Hi, All

Welcome you to visit my web site at

During the study of this class and other computer classes this semester,
I feel strong interests in the multimedia using in the Internet. I
decided to explore more about how to use image, sound and video on the
Internet through this project. It was fun to use Netscape Composer to
develop and organize the web pages. There are there pages in my project:
Effective Image Use on Web Page, Effective Sound Use on Web Page and
Effective Video Use on Web Page. Each of them features samples of some
commonly used file formats and cool website links. When I create the
Effective Image Use page, I found it's very neat to use table
(boundless) to organize the layout. I think it's fun to put some image,
sound or even video on your web page, though you should be very careful
to use them since it will involve large file size and plug-in issues.

One of the problems I had was after I uploaded the files, the site
always gives me the "page could not find" message. Then I found it's the
lower case/upper case problem. So my tip is, always check with your link
and file names. They should match!
The extra feature I have on this site is I embedded some sound and video
files instead of using hyperlink. You can compare the difference between
hyperlink and embedded sound files.

I plan to continue work on this site as I learn more about the
Internet.  Your suggestions and feedback are highly appreciated. Thanks!

Min Zhuang

E-mail: zhuangmi@xxxxxxx

 "Aren't you glad it's spring again?"

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