[cisb102_vc] Lesson 5 Question 2, Eric J. Proctor

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  • Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2002 21:49:18 -0500

1.  I am going to use a newsletter I am already subscribed too, and that is my 
ticketmaster newsletter.
2.  The Ticketmaster newsletter arrives everytime they update the michigan 
concert dates, which is about every other week is when they send them out, to 
give me notice of when there are local events I can get tickets for.
3.  I like some newsletters, the ones i SUBSCRIBE for, not the ones that they 
sell my name and my e-mail address to, and not the ones that my friends like to 
prankly sign me up for and people that don't like you sign you up for, haha, 
you can imagine what those newsletters are...
4.  I like all the newsletters I sign up for, which aren't many, I don't need 
the extra junk mail that comes with them, so I don't need to sign up for more, 
just what I already have

Eric J. Proctor

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