[cisb102_vc] Lesson 4 question 4(March 4t)

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Hello listserv, :)
This is Shari applying question 4, from Lesson 4, on March 4.
The address where I learned about Telnet is at 
I practice the use of Telnet at 

I found this to be rather fascinating. While at this site you type in numbers 
or letters to look up information. For example: To search for files  I had to 
type in the letter 3 then enter. I learned that you had to hit enter every time 
or it won't work. Some of the information I tried to look up they did not have 
available at the time-even when I typed in Help, then enter, the site said that 
help was not available at this time, but I found it to be interesting. 

    Telnet allows you to remotely access a computer over the Internet. (One 
host to another). This site provides information and the symbols needed to use 
telnet accurately. However, I found at telnet://

that they give you the symbols and numbers to use. I tried some other telnet 
sights but found this one to be the most simplest. However, some of the files 
could not be accessed for whatever reason. I was able to type in Cohs, then 
enter and it would give me the information that I wanted to see. 

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rather than to create it herself"
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