[cisb102_vc] Lesson 4 Question 4 Eric J. Proctor

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  • Date: Tue, 12 Mar 2002 22:08:04 -0500

1.)I learned about telnet's uses at 
http://oregonstate.edu/aw/tutorials/telnet/, and it is where you can access and 
tell another computer what to do over the internet as long as you have an 
account to that program or computer.  This is very helpful for ladies that need 
to keep up work while on maternity leave, they can simply do their work from 
home.  My aunt does this and has a program where she can do some of her work at 
home just in case she didn't get her projects done at work that day. 

2.) I practiced using the telnet at telnet:// 

3.) I then logged in as ned and started messing around from there, I got a 
little confused, of all the computer stuff I have done, I didn't learn much for 
this, I have known what a telnet does, but have never used it and got confused 
trying to use it.

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