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If it is possible to include and would not be a big pain to do, then I do agree 
that it should be included. TrueCrypt's history is CipherShed's history, so I 
do think it belongs, and could be useful, for the reasons you stated.


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Is there (still) interest in having the development history of TrueCrypt
in the repository?
The diff granularity will obviously be at the level of TrueCrypt
releases rather than per change (although most of the early release
actually do document the CVS changes in Changelog.txt). But I think
that's still a very valuable resource when (rather than if) for example
git blame is used.
Having the history in another repository is an option but it would
rather defeat the purpose, having to check another repository.

An example of the repository is available at:

Created using the bash conversion script at:

Using the tar.gz and zip source archives from:


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