[ciphershed] Supporting mobile devices

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...Supporting mobile devices; wow, that hadn't even occurred to me, but you're 
absolutely right. With their proliferation, we might even consider making this 
a high priority.

From my very vague understanding, iOS doesn't present the user with any concept 
of files or data that can be directly manipulated, like in standard OSes (and I 
believe Android). If this is correct, what use could CipherShed be for iOS? 
Perhaps full-drive encryption? Would that require jailbreaking the phone?


P.S. Mike, any idea why do your e-mails appear to be from a "Karen Palen"?

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Of course if were to TRULY list things by OS Share it would be Android, 
IOS (Apple mobile), Windows, Mac (desktop) and Linux :-)

I also understand that must be a "long term goal", but it does appear to 
be a real need given the recent sales on the respective devices/OSes.

(Proud owner of an Android Nexus 10) :-)

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