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>Hi, guys.  I had another Skype call with Jos today, and I took a few
>notes which I'll post here.  Nothing was confidential at all, with one
>exception where Jos was asked by someone else to keep information
>confidential, so Jos has his hands tied there, as do I.
>- From my point of view, the good news is that Jos is willing to make
>CipherShed the "official" TrueCrypt fork, and that his online privacy
>rights foundation can support CipherShed as a separate non-profit.  He
>also wants to support VeraCrypt, and possibly other privacy related
>FOSS projects.  Jos has hundreds of emails from people who want to
>help out, and he has not yet replied to them.
>Jos wants to know when CipherShed will be able to handle 100+ new
>people joining the effort.  I said that we're organizing now, and that
>we probably would be ready soon.  He also said that there are probably
>50 people who said they can help with translations into different
>He mentioned that while his foundation will accept donations, he is
>not taking any salary.  He's doing this for free just like us.  I
>think the CipherShed team should join Jos on a TeamSpeak call soon.  I
>think we would all benefit from a frank group discussion with him.
>Jos found a new TrueCrypt fork that has popped up:
>I checked it out, but so far it looks like a statement that the
>company is going to do a TrueCrypt fork on their own.  I don't think
>that this will have much impact on us.  It sounds to me like they just
>want a piece of the commercial TrueCrypt support business, rather than
>promoting FOSS encryption generally.
>Jos mentioned that Thomas is short on time, which limits his ability
>to contribute.  However, Jos signed up on the CipherShed.org email
>list while on the call.  He pointed out that the Forum is simple to
>find since it has it's own tab, but there's no "Contact" or "Interact"
>tab, and you can only find the email list if you actually read the
>CipherShed home page. Can we make the email list more visible?
>Jos's foundation can offer CipherShed unlimited cloud services in
>Switzerland.  This may be helpful when we ship new releases, to handle
>all the downloads.  He also said they can get security certificates
>for free.  He can offer CipherShed full access to servers that we can
>configure however we wish.
>It sounds to me like Jos is moving forward with his online privacy
>foundation and is already able to offer us useful services, in
>addition to funneling volunteers our way.
>He also asked if I would be interested in serving on the board of his
>foundation.  It frankly is an honor to be asked, and there are
>typically so few seats on such a board that I doubt I'd make the cut.
> Also, remember, this is one of the guys I said was not competent to
>run the TC fork.  He's showing a very strong ability to forgive and
>forget, as well as being quite flexible in how he works with us.  I do
>believe he is highly competent at building the foundation, and that
>CipheShed will be stronger with his foundation's backing.  Would we
>want a CipherShed member on his board?  Frankly, there must be a
>better CipherShed member than me for that position.  PID0 seems like a
>strong candidate to me.  I am not sure I want our team to be that
>influenced by the foundation, but I suspect the foundation could
>benefit greatly from someone like PID0's participation.
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Well, this certainly all sounds good, and there's nothing there to argue with. 
His willingness to "forgive and forget" to such a degree as to offer you/us a 
seat on his foundation's board is impressive. My only two questions (probably 
for Jos in the TeamSpeak conference) are:

1) I actually don't know a thing about Jos' privacy foundation. You referenced 
Jos' privacy foundation a sufficient number of times that it seems important to 
know more about it. Does it have a name? Can it be found on the Internet? What 
is its purpose, mandate, and scope? What kind of organisation is it? How does 
Jos intend that it will interface/influence/be influenced by CipherShed, in the 
case CipherShed is endorsed by TCNext as the "official" TrueCrypt fork?

2) I can't find it on the TCNext website anymore, but I'd like to know what 
were his/their original intentions with their original draft statement (to 
which we took such great exception). The purpose of this certainly wouldn't be 
bring up old wounds, but more to better understand our potential new partners' 
perspective and motivations.


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