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Ah, I was using "buy-in" much more broadly, in terms of more people joining the 
project and contributing. I actually didn't have financial contributions in 
mind at all.


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> Hi all,
> I may as well introduce myself as well. I am currently a usable security and 
> privacy researcher at Carnegie Mellon University. I haven't done much work in 
> cryptography, but I and many in my field trust and strongly value TrueCrypt, 
> so there is personal and professional interest in seeing TrueCrypt continue 
> and be secure, reliable, and usable.
> While I can't promise I'll have many cycles in the short-term for tangible 
> contributions, I can be at your disposal for a usable security and privacy 
> perspective on whatever aspects of the project. If TrueCrypt (or whatever it 
> ultimately becomes) is to be widely-adopted by the public, it needs to be 
> usable by them. While TrueCrypt is/was by far the most usable encryption 
> solution I've known of, I still think it needs more work to be easily 
> understandable to and usable by typical end-users.
> In the future, I may have more resources to devote to this endeavour, 
> including code contributions, usability analyses and studies, and (hopefully) 
> research publications, which would increase awareness of (and potentially 
> buy-in and additional contributions to) this project to the research 
> community (which includes academics, professionals, and government parties).
> Alain
And I hit send before I was done..
Well here goes: 
Contributions, studies and publications would all be very useful. The
idea of so-called "buy-ins" scares me though, and I know Bill will have
a similar allergic reaction to that. 

The monetary question will have to be discussed and explored carefully
in the future. For the starting phase I believe we have a consensus
(correct me if I'm wrong) that we do not want any money involved, for
the consequences it almost always entails.

Again, nice to meet you,



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