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        Following is a job opportunity I have been asked to post that may=20
fit well with some of your interests and skills.  For further information, =

please contact Shelley Funke at W: 859-581-2225  C: 859-816-4899 or via=20
email at shelley@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (she is cced on this email).


George J. Hurley
CinSUG Chairman

Senior Analyst position
This Senior Analyst will be a member of a team dedicated to servicing a dis=
tinct group of clients.  The team is run=20
as a discrete unit, and the team members are responsible for delivering=20
quality work profitably to current clients as well as attracting new=20
business.  The team delivers insight, reports, marketing campaigns, data=20
and consultancy to service the clients' requirements.
The person in this role is expected to understand their clients' business=20
objectives and overall strategy to ensure that analysis work is focused on =

those areas where most value can be added. The analysts create meaningful=20
and actionable analysis using client or third-party data enabling clients=20
to develop customer acquisition, retention and development strategies. In=20
addition, they provide advice on data collection and customer=20
communication strategies.
Key Skills & Core Competencies for the Senior Analyst
=B7         Project Management- timely and accurate delivery to budget
=B7         Management and motivation of project team
=B7         Supervision and mentoring of junior staff
=B7         Problem solving
=B7         Data interpretation and strong statistical expertise
=B7         Project costing and Interpretation of project briefs
=B7         Interpersonal - strong client-facing, influencing abilities
=B7         Presentation  - able to successfully structure, pitch and deliv=
=B7         SAS programming

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