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Attached is the bio of the speakers.
Please advise.

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This is to remind everyone that there will be a CinSUG meeting today at 
Kendle International, Inc.  Kendle is located at 1200 Carew Tower, on 441 
Vine Street.  The meeting will be held on the 12th floor conference room. 
A parking subsidy of $2 will be offered to offset the cost of parking.  An 
ideal and affordable place to park would be under Fountain Square in the 
Today's speakers will be:

@ 3:45  Rick Nicola, "SAS Data Warehousing: SAS/ETL and Visualization in 
@ 4:30  Ronald Freyberg, "Web-based, Secure Data Access to HIPAA Protected 

I hope that everyone will be able to attend this meeting and to see these 
excellent speakers!

George Hurley
CinSUG Secretary

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