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I ditto ( is that a verb?) Laurie’s answers. I will be in high baking mode on
the 14th.


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I can come up with many compelling, Christmas-related reasons not to meet next
week. Can't come up with a singe compelling reason to meet ;)


On 12/09/2015 03:43 PM, Joel Johnson wrote:


Thanks for the photo.

I do agree that we were not trying to put both programs together at the same
time, but I was wondering if we had a go-ahead for starting to plan for
additional screenings. I guess from what you have said here, we can begin to
put together possibilities as soon as we know which Oscar submission foreign
films may be advancing in the competition and which of the also-rans have or
will have distribution in the US. I do think we could also consider one of the
films that we opted not to show in the winter film series. Yes, it would
probably be a good idea to see what is already in place and how we can fit
around those events.

Based on what you said about working on potential speakers for three of our
films, I would definitely lean toward not needing a meeting next week. Can
anyone come up with a compelling reason for us to meet next week?

Jafar Panahi’s TAXI was the title I was using in my draft of the blurbs.


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I don’t know for sure on printing time, but I am hoping it will be morning. I
can confirm on Friday afternoon.

RE: evening film screenings, I am so sorry – I somehow missed or forgot about a
specific proposal for evening screenings. I thought we had discussed wrapping
up CinEx planning first and seeing how things went with the foreign Oscar
nominations, etc.? Did you have something more specific in mind? We would be
looking at April/May/June for any special evening programs, so I could tell you
what we already have planned for those months and what other dates might work
for special screenings.

The Cinex 2016 page will be up by the end of the week as well. Just wanted to
try to line up a few more film sponsors. I will send you the link as soon as it
is live. Also, Ken says that the official title of Taxi is Jafar Panahi’s Taxi
– does anyone object to me changing it to read Jafar Panahi’s Taxi on the
poster and the flyer?

I am working on the speaker for Hitchcock/Truffaut, and investigating
opportunities for Taxi and Dukhtar... stay tuned on those.

Attached is the graphic that I think you are asking for. Let me know if you are
looking for something different.


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Thank you for all the work you do.

Do you have any idea when on the 14th the materials would be ready? It might
make a difference in when we would have a meeting—should we need to have one.

I made a suggestion about showing one or two additional CINEMA EXPLORATIONS
films in the evening after the winter series ends. We do not know if we have
approval for doing that. Can we get an answer and, if we do have approval, to
perhaps work on dates?

You had sent out some materials earlier. I was wondering if the composite photo
that you used for our poster could be sent to me? I am looking to use it
without all of the other text. I would like to use it on our Facebook page.

I looked for the CINEMA EXPLORATIONS 2016 page and didn’t find it. I did find
2015. Do you have a timetable for when you expect the 2016 page to be up?


My recollection is that we did divide up some of the responsibilities on
leading discussions or soliciting guests/discussion leaders from outside of our
group. How has that gone? Do we need to meet next week to discuss these plans
and re-evaluate? Alice and I are planning to attend both the Saturday and
Sunday screenings of BOUNCE! Obviously, David McLain will only be attending the
Sunday screening and I will be contacting him about that soon. I know this is a
particularly busy time of year and, assuming Bill and Julie feel that things
are all set for “PEACE OFFICER,” we would have the first two films pretty well
covered. We may not really need to address the other films until after the New
Year. If we are pretty well set through the first two films, we could probably
forego a meeting next week and just have Shannon alert us when the materials
are ready. What is your preference?


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Hello, everyone!

I am finally wrapping up the sponsorship/ad confirmations, so I plan to send
materials to print on Friday, meaning we should have them on December 14. Shall
I simply drop them off at the cinema when everything is done and shoot you all
an email or is there a next meeting scheduled?


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