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I'd be interested in meeting you at Cincinnati Mills. Give me a call
(600-0778) or send me an email (jreeb@xxxxxxxxxxxx).


Talk to you soon.





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I joined several months ago and frankly I've given up on anyone even
acknowledging my emails much less meeting with anyone.  I take my son to the
playgrounds at Cincinnati Mills several times a week in the early afternoon.
If anyone is interested maybe we'll see you there.


Brad Burch

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We're probably not.  Jakob has started pre-school m-w-f mornings.  We've
been going to the Museum Center pretty regularly on Tuesdays, just us
though.  There's a couple dad's who make it down too, occassionally.  


Honestly, I'd kind of given up getting together for playdates on a regular
basis with the group.  Every time we'd go nobody was there.  I think for it
to work available dad's that can make the playgroups gotta be committed.  


I know once you get one kid or two in pre-school or school, it's really hard
to commit to something like that.  There's got to be a way though to keep a
critical mass of dads involved.





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