[cinci_dads] Re: a question on the philosophy of SAHDs

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I don't think you can aim higher than being a stay-at-home parent. Being dedicated to your job, whether earning money or taking care of the kids, and being dedicated to working out a mutually agreeable lifestyle with your partner are some of the highest goals you can have.

Like I'm really one to talk. Many of you know that Kathie and I were separated awhile back, then got back together about nine months ago. Well we're on the way out again - this time headed for the big D. A few months ago I started to send email with advice for everyone who was struggling with their relationship, but now I'm not sure I have valid advice.

I've been too reclusive with all this stress and conflict. Will get out more.


Zig & Ali Main wrote:
Hi all!

I'm not a great one on the philosophy of being a stay-home dad (just a
pragmatist, I'm afraid). However, I've just been struck with a poser of
a question.

My 7 year-old second grader has been doing all about careers at school
and he has decided that he wants to be a stay-home dad. Tomorrow is
Careers Day and the kids are to go dressed up for their future careers
and Caleb is going to go as a stay-home dad (in shorts and T-shirt).

Whilst I am overjoyed that he considers it to be such a positive thing
to do, part of me thinks that I should be encouraging him to aim
somewhat higher.

Views, please (Yes, PLEASE, as I really don't know what to say to him).

Many thanks,


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