[cinci_dads] Proportional Representation petition campaign

  • From: "Dan" <DZavon@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "Ellen Bierhorst" <ellenbierhorst@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2008 12:59:19 -0400

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  I'm working on a petition campaign to bring Proportional Representation back 
to Cincinnati.  That's the way Cincinnati elected its City Council for 30 years 
(1920s to 1950s), and it brought consistent minority representation to the 
council even when African Americans were a much smaller percentage of the 
population than they are today.  It gives us majority rule AND minority 
representation.  You rank your choices from 1 up to as many as 9, and your vote 
counts for your first choice, unless that candidate can't use it (either 
because s/he already has enough votes to be elected, or because s/he has so few 
votes s/he can't possibly be elected), in which case your vote counts for your 
second choice (or your highest choice who can still use your vote).

  To show what is wrong with our current voting system (9x), I use the example 
of an election in which 44,000 Democrats vote, along with 33,000 Republicans 
and 22,000 Charterites.  If all three parties put up a full slate of 9 
candidates, and all voters vote a straight party ticket for their party, the 
result under the current 9x system of voting would be 9 Democrats elected to 
City Council, even though a majority of voters (five ninths) wanted no 
Democrats.  This is not majority rule OR minority representation.  Under 
Proportional Representation, the result (with the same voters voting the same 
way) would be a council with 4 Democrats, 3 Republicans, and 2 Charterites.   
PR gives fair representation to all substantial groups in the voting 
population, whether they be racial, issue, gender, neighborhood, or whatever is 
important to the voters in the election.

  To put this issue on the ballot, we need 6100 valid signatures of registered 
voters who live in the city limits of Cincinnati.  We really need some more 
people to pass petitions.  Even if you can get only 10 or 20 signatures, that 
would be very much appreciated.  If you are interested, or need more 
information, please call Josh Krekeler at 513-368-4062,  or email him at 

  Please pass the word.  Thanks.

  Dan Zavon 

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