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  • Date: Sat, 5 Jun 2004 19:52:13 -0400

One more note to you.

Jeff Hall called today with a few items that he wants to put out to the
group (Jeff doesn't have an email account, but he did manage to find the
time to respond to me with his contact info via snail mail, hmmmm...)

First, he has had conversations with Kate Powers at the Children's Home
of Cincinnati.  She would like out group to again start visiting their
playroom on Fridays for playgroups.  She did mention that they are
charging money now for the use of the faculty, but I think that if
enough are interested we can negotiate (we did donate over $2,000 plus
the garden, a bench, a picnic table and a playhouse to them) to a price
of nothing if not close to nothing.  If you have younger children (3 and
under) it's a great place to go. Very kid friendly, clean, etc.  So - if
your interested, let me know and I'll get back to Jeff on this.

Next:  Jeff is also putting together a couple of Dad's Night Outs.  The
first one is a Frisbee golf outing (with dinner after.)  The second is
for a Reds game.  Jeff was hoping that if any of you got the free passes
from Lindner, we could pool those and make it a freebee night out for
everyone.  I have one pass for two people, Jeff has two passes for two
people that he is willing to put up.  If any of you received these in
the mail and would like to put them toward a DNO, again let me know and
I will inform Jeff.  He will work out the particulars.


Tim Nabors

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