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I could not agree with you more Mike!  Thanks.  Actually, a little heated 
discussion is just what this forum needs!  It's a heck of a lot more 
interesting than playdate time changes (though that's important too!...don't 
get me wrong).  It's been an interesting discussion...helps relieve the 'cabin 

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  I saw it coming and thought, "uh oh".  We should probably stay away from the 
three evil subjects....sex, politics and religion.....well we can talk about 

  I would, however like to enter a couple of non-partisan remarks concerning 
some of the comments made.  

  The Economy.....  Economic highs and lows are naturally occurring cycles.  
Presidents don't cause the trends, they are merely the lucky or unlucky sap 
that has to sit in the Whitehouse and endure it, while doing all they can to 
teak it the best they can.  Turns out the recession started in the end of the 
Clinton years but were not evident until Bush.  Still not Bill's fault, or 
George's.  Any economist will tell you it's true.

  Iraq:  There is more than one way to skin a cat.  Bush likes his way with 
Saddam, the same that Clinton liked his way when dealing with Milosevik (sp).  
The point is to get saddams ass out like we got Milosevik's ass out.  There 
will be opposition to everything any president does.....NO MATTER WHAT.  I am 
going to trust Bush to do it, the same that I trusted Clinton.  They are the 
ones with the intel, they should know what is best for our interests.  A 
president is not going to sacrifice all of us for his own power and 
glory....Democrat or Republican.  the problem is that neither party likes it 
when the other is successful.

  I am sure Bush was able to get far using his fathers name, the same as just 
about every other politician out there.  Look at the Kennedys.

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    Maybe if the Republicans in Congress during Clinton's administration
    weren't so caught up in Bill's sex life throughout his entire
    Presidency, they would have been able to find the time to ask some of
    the questions below.  Oh well, I guess what color panties Monica was
    wearing was more important than any terrorist threats.
    There's a couple of items missing from the list under the title
    "Remember".  "Remember" when the economy grew and deficits shrank;
    "remember" when stocks went up and not down; "remember" when crime in
    virtually ever large American city was on the decline rather than the
    rise.  Well I hope so.  Because with Bush in the White House a growing
    economy, federal surpluses, higher stock prices, and less crime are just
    that- memories!  It almost makes me want to start humming "The Way We
    By the way, didn't Bush go to Harvard Business School.  If he's received
    a degree from one of the great Business schools in the world (albeit by
    getting in on his Dad's name rather than his own intelligence, but
    anyone with a high school education can now figure that out) why is he
    having such a difficult time "selling" Americans and other leaders
    around the world on the idea of war with Iraq.  Maybe the University of
    Texas Law School admissions officers that rejected his application knew
    something that the Harvard Business School's admissions officers didn't-
    G-DUBB is a JACK-ASS!

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