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Hey all!  Long time no see!  Anyway, forwarding on a note from another Dad
interested in joining the group.  I replied to him already, but if you want
to reply also - feel free.  I'm sure it would make him feel more welcome.
Hope to be at the children's home tomorrow.  I sure will try!  See you then
I hope.


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My wife and I started talking about me staying home last January. I saw the
episode of Oprah regarding SAHD and it seemed like every time I looked at
the paper there was a new article. I started staying home with my kids in
August of 2001.
We have three kids, Brigid age 9, and Tristan and Nora age 3. Yes they are
twins. They are also a handful. They were previously with a day care
provider. They enjoy playdates and do well meeting new kids. I am also
adjusting to life at home and enjoy playdates and other ways of getting out
of the house. We are usually at the Childrens Museum and I would like to
know where the Childrens Home is so we can come to visit on the Fridays.
We look forward to meeting other stay at home parents.
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