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Another email for y'all.  Hope you all have a terrific Thanksgiving!

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> Hi there,
> I am a graduate student at the School of International Affairs at Columbia
> University in New York (concentrating in International Media and
> Communications). I am writing an article for publication on stay at home
> fathers, and came across your website in the course of my research. I was
> wondering if any of you dads would be willing to share your experiences
> me. Below are some questions I am curious to know the answers to.
> 1) A study presented at a meeting of the American Heart Association found
> that stay at home dads have a higher risk of heart disease. One theory is
> that men in non-traditional roles havea  higher stress level. From your
> experience, would you agree with the findings of this study?
> 2) Many dads say that isolation is the biggest obstacle to overcome. Do
> agree? If not, what would you say has been the biggest obstacle you have
> to overcome?
> 3) How did the reality of being an at-home father differ from your
> expectations?
> 4) Why did you decide to be an at-home dad?
> 5) One dad I spoke with didn't join a playgroup because he felt he would
> feel out of place among the mothers. Another dad had joined a group and
> not feel out of place. How do you feel about these statements?  Have you
> joined a group, mothers, dads or mixed?
> 6) Do you feel that friends and family are supportive of your decision?
> If any of you would be willing to speak with me, please feel free to call
> at 646-734-9818, or email responses to claravperez@xxxxxxxxxxxx
> I appreciate your help, and look forward to speaking with you.
> Sincerely,
> Clara Perez
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