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Does your 3 year old also think that mommy is going to take his little
brother to work with her?  Just wondering.


Chris Zapanta



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I wasn't planning on going to Cincinnati Mills this Thursday.  Perhaps some
of the other guys are.  My wife is off til Feb on maternity/vacation leave.
Our day times are in real flux.  Thursday is going to be a work day here for
the house.  Me & Jake are going to run over to the Museum Center today, but
I haven't arranged anything with anybody.


I'd be happy to make sure I shoot out an email to new comers.


Funny thing, our 3 year old who has a brand new baby brother, and who used
to be the center of attention, keeps asking when mommy is going back to
work.  He's going to be disappointed when he finds out he still has to share
the throne.



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