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Let's keep the website, and let's send Tim to Dunning U. so he won't be so shy 
about asking the rest of us (deadbeat dads?) for our fair share to cover the 
expenses.    We should be able to raise enough, with the right hardball 
tactics, to allow Tim to reduce his share to 90% at the very most.  :-)
Thanks for all you have done for us, Tim.  By the way, I'm for doubling your 
salary too. (Maybe next year we can talk about health benefits and a cleaning 
lady for you too.) :-)
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  Hey all,
  It's that time of year again to pay for the website and hosting.  Wanted to 
get your feedback as to whether we should or should not keep it going.  I've 
paid 95% of the fee's for the past three years, but I really don't know if any 
of you use it, like it, hate it or what.  It looks like we get an average of 
300-400 visits a month...not sure if that's group members or mostly people just 
cruising by.  Let me know what you think I should do...I will continue paying 
for it if you think it's worthwhile- if not, well...I'll buy myself some new 
jeans or something ;)  I welcome criticism...believe me, I can handle it.  
Heck, I dated up different women until I was 35...I've dealt with a lot of 
criticism!  Thanks in advance for your feedback!  You can either email me 
directly or to the freelist group.  See ya!

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