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  • Date: Sun, 5 May 2002 22:32:09 EDT


We have been asked to "donate" a basket for the Children's Home festival 
scheduled for June 1, 2002.

Groups have been encouraged to create a basket around a certain theme. Each 
basket should be filled with items related to the theme. They are looking for 
baskets worth approximately $150. (rough math tells us that 15 items worth 
$10 would get us there) The baskets will be raffled off during the festival 
with the proceeds going to the Children's home.

Our basket theme is simply "dad's" and should include anything that dads 
might enjoy. Some ideas already suggested include but are NOT limited to Beer 
steins, Sport tickets, golf balls, baseball hats, fishing equipment, tools, 
Sport T-shirts, stadium seat cushions, golf tees, golf tee times.......get 
the idea??

Anyway, I will be collecting any item that you are willing to donate. Please 
don't feel like you must spend $10. ANY contribution can be helpful. Either 
bring it to the Monday or Friday playgroups, or call/e-mail to make 

Now for the tough part. We have been asked to get this together by May 15th. 
Although not set in stone, it would be ideal for everyone involved if we 
pulled it together by then.

So, lets be creative and build a spectacular basket to help with Childfest. 
Please feel free to ask questions if none of this makes any sense....

Thanks in advance for your generous contributions!!
Rick Thomas-Harmon
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