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  • From: Niewierowski <nski@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 12 Sep 2002 08:20:39 -0700 (PDT)

Howdy All!
I just had an unusual/unique experience with a dental specialist referred by my
primary dentist. 
I was referred to to this guy for further treatment regarding a root canal
done many years ago which apparently is causing some recent problems.
When I called to schedule an appointment and spoke with this guys receptionist,
I informed her that I will be bringing my 4yr. old and 2yr. old with me because 
a Stay At Home Dad. The receptionist replied "Thats no problem, as long as the 
children stay in the waiting room." 
Well today was my appointment and as I was filling out the paperwork associated
with a referral,   When this so-called dental professional, decided to open a 
focusing on my children's behavior and how its disruptive to his thinking and 
process. Well, I rebutted by stating the children's behavior is neither loud or
inappropriate for their age and development level in actually they are 
good behavior given the environment. He closing statement, he stated " I cannot 
think knowing that children are in waiting area. Control them." 
I suggested that his office refer me  to another specialist with an explanation 
why I was being referred.  Of coarse, this task was left to the receptionist, 
politely, shook her head in disbelief , and contacted my primary Dentist and 
explained the situation.  Speaking with my Dentist receptionist later that day,
she apologized for the inconvience and was unaware this guy was "non  kid
My recommendation is not to use this guy, obviously he has issues with children,
difficulty in concentration, lacks the ability to close doors to further 
external sounds, and doesn't have sound business policy regarding children in
the office.  In my Opinion, A combination of inabilities to make a poor 
His name is :       Eric Bramy,  D.D.S.
                           Endodontics North
                            6900 Tylersville Road, Suite C
                            Mason, OH  45040

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