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Fr:  Lifesaving Resources

T R A I N I N G    B U L L E T I N


Lifesaving Resources announces its 2004 series of Professional Aquatics 
Safety Seminars (PASS) as follows:

March 24
North County Aquatics Center
Sebastian, Florida

March 26
James J. Harris YMCA
Charlotte, North Carolina

April 02
Kent State University
Kent, Ohio

April 15
Mid-States American Camping Association
St. Charles, Illinois

April 21
Westport/Weston YMCA
Westport, Connecticut

May 14
Midtown YWCA
Minneapolis, Minnesota

June 28
Douglas Aquatics
Richmond, Virginia

PASS is a comprehensive and fast-paced 8-hour classroom formatted 
program designed specifically for Aquatic and Recreation Professionals; 
Lifeguard Instructors and Supervisors; Aquatic Facility Managers and 
Operators; and Lifeguard, Public Safety, Rescue, and EMS Personnel.  The
 entire focus of this program is on the prevention, recognition, and 
management of drowning and aquatic injuries.  PASS is often referred to 
as the "Scared Straight of Aquatics" and includes dramatic videotape 
footage of actual drowning and aquatic injury incidents.

Subjects covered within PASS include:

(01) Mechanisms & Physiology of Drowning
(02) Threat Analysis, Risk Management & Incident Prevention
(03) Legal Liability
(04) Lifeguard & Aquatic Facility Operations
(05) Drowning & Aquatic Injury Case Studies
(06) Innovations in Safety & Rescue Equipment
(07) Prevention of Aquatic Spinal Injuries
(08) Management of Aquatic Spinal Injuries
(09) BSI Protocols & Protection from Bloodborne Pathogens
(10) Basic Life Support & Emergency Resuscitation Protocols

PASS is conducted by Gerald M. Dworkin, a professional Aquatics Safety 
and Water Rescue Consultant.  Dworkin consults regularly as an Expert 
Witness in drowning, aquatic injury and pre-hospital EMS litigation, and
 is a noted educator and author in the field of Aquatics Safety, Water 
Rescue and Ice Rescue.  Dworkin has over 30 years of professional 
experience in Aquatics, Lifeguarding, Water Rescue, and Public Safety, 
Rescue and EMS.

Lifesaving Resources is dedicated to drowning and aquatic injury 
prevention and emergency management.  Its award-winning 350+ page web 
site at www.lifesaving.com currently attracts more than 4,000 visitors 
per day from throughout the world.

For more information on PASS, please access the Educational Programs 
Section of the Lifesaving Resources' web site at 

Sean A. Aaron (CIFN*1)
Central Illinois Fire Network

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