[cifnmedia] Re: Volunteer Firefighter Job Protection Act

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  • Date: Tue, 3 Aug 2004 16:17:32 GMT


I realized when some of us sat down and came up with this idea that it would be 
an up hill battle, on all fronts.  Yes, I can see your point about employers.  
But...when something happens at your factory, it is that same employeer that 
will look at you for help.  And why, because you are a firefighter.  They will 
never ask what your training is or what certification level you are.  They will 
just expect you to know what to do because you are a firefighter!  Our whole 
point when we brougt this up was not to figure out a way to get more time off, 
it was to keep up on the overwhelming training that we a now required to do.  
Yes, I agree, if you want to be a part of something you have to make a 
commitment, but what about those thousands of people out there, thinking "I 
would like to help,I really would, but I can't get the time".  We have an 
untapped resource of people that we as the emergency services need to reach out 
to or every small town department will be out of business in
  the next ten years.

But as far as the training, let me give you an example of why we started 
looking at this.  The state of Illinois is wanting to start requiring each 
county to have a hazmat team.  While we all know that we were suppose to have 
this years ago, they are just now getting around to doing it.  Back then, 
departments were able to do an Operations, Tech A, and Tech B class one night a 
week for a year and throw in a couple a Saturdays for hands-on.  Now, with all 
of this rush, Ops, Tech A and Tech B can ONLY (per OSFM and IEMA) be taught 
either as a 5 day straight (daytime) class or two 3-day weekends.  Recently our 
county put 15 guys through Ops.  We asked about a night class, for those of us 
that work afternoons and weekends, and were told no.  Afterwards, when asked 
who would be available on a Monday at 0900 if we had an incident, four hands 
were raised!  The same four guys that asked about doing a night class.  Of the 
15 Ops, only one does not have a M-F 8-4 job.  The same can be 
 said for firefighting and other skills.  As far as the comparison of nurses, 
doctors, and law clerks: nurses can get training through there facility during 
normal business hours (I know, I have helped teach some of those classes). And 
just how many doctors and law offices are open on the weekends and after 6pm.  
I think that there is a big difference.  Now do you see why we think this is 

Rod Stewart
Taylor Springs Fire Department
Taylor Springs IL

9-11-01:Never forget or fallen brother firefighters

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