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MORNINGSIDE, Md. -- Members of the FBI have joined officials in 
Prince George's County to help find who is responsible for the 
disappearance of an unmarked Prince George's County Fire Department 
vehicle from the Morningside Volunteer Fire Department, in 
Morningside, Md. 

Authorities are concerned, because the stolen Ford Crown Victoria 
resembles an undercover police car and contains a lot of equipment. 

The vehicle was stolen overnight Saturday. It contained a two-way 
radio, which is tied into the Prince George's County Fire 
Department's main communication system, a firefighter's uniform and 

A fire department spokesman said the car is equipped with everything 
to allow someone to impersonate a real firefighter or a police 
officer and that has officials worried. 

"In the region lately there have been a few cases of people 
impersonating officials," said fire department spokesman Chauncey 
Bowers. "We want to remind people that anybody official is going to 
have credentials or identification with them." 

Officials said in the past, two personal vehicles were stolen from 
the Morningside VFD, but this is the first time an official vehicle 
has been taken. 

Bowers said police will tell you if you're stopped by an unmarked 
car, you have the right to drive at a slow rate of speed to a well 
lit area, and even request a marked vehicle to come to your location. 

The stolen car has Maryland municipal tags LG50822. Anyone who spots 
the stolen vehicle is asked to contact police immediately.

Sean A. Aaron (CIFN*1)
Central Illinois Fire Network

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