[cifnmedia] Red Cross aids victims of fire

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                  Published: Mar 18, 2004 - 08:03:39 pm EST
                  Red Cross aids victims of fire
                  By Pete Macinta, Daily Banner

                        Cambridge RFC Tower 1 remained in position as 
firefighters ventilated the second floor and attic of a home on Hughlett Street 
in which a second floor bedroom caught fire Wednesday evening. Daily 
Banner/Pete Macinta
                  CAMBRIDGE - The American Red Cross was summoned by Cambridge 
Rescue Fire Company (RFC) to help relocate a family of five after a fire 
destroyed a second-floor bedroom Tuesday evening. RFC responded to battle the 
upstairs blaze at 704 Hughlett St. after being alerted at 5:12 p.m.

                  "We got on location; had smoke coming from the rear of the 
house. There was one room, a bedroom on fire upstairs. The room was completely 
destroyed," First Assistant Chief Calvin Stack said.

                  As a result of the incident, a young woman nine months 
pregnant was transported to Easton Memorial Hospital to be examined.

                  The fire, declared accidental, was investigated by the State 
Fire Marshal's Office and Cambridge RFC. It began when a candle fell on a bed.

                  "Evidently it was in a plastic cup. The flame got to the cup, 
melted the cup, fell off the stand, and onto the bed," Mr. Stack said. 

                  He continued, "They threw a blanket over it, and tried to put 
it out. The fire spread so they shut the door and ran."

                  "They did a very good job and got out of there," he added.

                  Also responding to the scene was Linkwood-Salem Volunteer 
Fire Company. Approximately 45 firefighters were on hand. RFC cleared the scene 
by 6:15 p.m.

                  Staff writer Pete Macinta can be reached at (410) 228-3728 or 
by email at petemacinta@xxxxxxxxxx



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