[cifnmedia] RFC rescues two in rollover

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                  Published: Jul 25, 2004 - 07:52:00 pm EDT
                  RFC rescues two in rollover
                  By Pete Macinta, Daily Banner

                        Emergency crews from Cambridge RFC worked to rescue two 
people trapped in a Chevrolet S10 Pickup involved Saturday in a collision at 
the intersection of Race and Muir Streets. Daily BannerPhoto/Pete Macinta
                  CAMBRIDGE-Traffic was disrupted Saturday afternoon in 
downtown Cambridge when a Mercury Sable and a Chevrolet S10 pickup collided at 
the intersection of Race and Muir Streets. The impact caused the entrapment of 
two people after the pickup to rolled on its' passenger side.

                  Emergency equipment from Cambridge Rescue Fire Company 
standing by for the boat races at Great Marsh Park responded to the incident 
approximately 12:15p.m.

                  As City Police secured the area, emergency personnel 
stabilized the pickup by ropes and wooden chocks.

                  After the occupants were covered with a cloth for protection, 
the shattered windshield was cut and removed in less than a minute.

                  Emergency personnel then cut the "A" posts of the vehicle and 
soon removed the top of the cab. The driver's side door was also forced open. 

                  Around 12:36p.m., the female occupant was removed from the 
vehicle and received medical attention. The male occupant was removed three 
minutes later.

                  "They had their seatbelts on", Cambridge RFC First Assistant 
Chief Calvin Stack said.

                  In regard to the pickup falling on its' side, he said, "The 
car hit the pickup in the rear, and just flipped it."

                  He said that both occupants of the pickup, and the driver of 
the Mercury Sable, were transported to Dorchester General Hospital.

                  Some pedestrians almost became victims of the mishap.

                  "I was about ready to cross but then my mom pulled me back", 
said Melissa Currence.

                  The intersection is one of two in downtown Cambridge with 
flashing red and amber signals.

                  One bystander gave his opinion of the collision.

                  "The City of Cambridge is the fault of this accident today. 
They need to fix them lights", said Corinthian Tilghman.

                  He continued, "I almost had an accident on this corner. We 
pay enough taxes for those lights to be fixed."

                  Staff writer Pete Macinta can be reached by email at 
petemacinta@xxxxxxxxx or phone at (410) 228-3728.


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