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One hurt in SUV/train collision
Feb 18 2004 12:00AM  By    

MT. VERNON — A state police officer was there when he was needed this morning 
— right behind a sports utility vehicle which collided with a train southwest 
of the city.
The SUV’s driver, Anthony “Tony” Duncan, 38, of Illinois 148, was injured 
in the wreck. 
He was taken to St. Mary’s Good Samaritan Hospital and was to be transferred 
to a St. Louis hospital. The extent of Duncan’s injuries were not available 
from the hospital.
The wreck — which happened on the train tracks at the southern edge of Wells 
Bypass where it connects with Illinois 148 — was reported at 6:06 a.m. today.
At the time, the Mt. Vernon area was blanketed with heavy fog, which may have 
contributed to the wreck.
“By the looks of the skid marks, he slid right into the train,” said 
Illinois State Police Officer Brian Steele, who was off duty at the time of the 
wreck, en route to Chicago for a funeral. “The train’s warning lights were 
working, but you know how foggy it was around 6 a.m.”
Steele remained at the scene while Duncan was transported to the hospital and 
the wreckage was cleared from the ungated tracks.
The Union Pacific train did not stop after Duncan’s vehicle was struck, 
according to information from Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department. A deputy 
explained that the conductor did not realize the train had struck the vehicle. 
Union Pacific was to provide information about the conductor and the number of 
cars on the train.
The area of Wells Bypass near Illinois 148 was closed to traffic this morning.
Capt. Steve Lamar of Mt. Vernon Police Department said this morning that 
driving in fog can be very hazardous and lead to accidents such as the one this 
“Motorists need to slow down and allow extra time to get to their 
destination,” Lamar said. “Drivers should also use their low-beam 
headlights, not only because they can see better, but also because other 
drivers can also see better.”
He added that motorists should also be aware that roads and bridges tend to be 
slick during cold, foggy mornings, saying that may have been a factor in this 
morning’s accident.
“You can expect there will be scattered slick spots, and drivers should hold 
their speed down,” he said. “Drivers also need to be alert to possible 
intersections, railroad crossings and pedestrians that they might encounter.”
A relative of Duncan’s said Tony Duncan was on his way to work in St. Louis 
at the time of the wreck. 

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