[cifnmedia] New camera helps find people, animals in fire

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New camera helps find people, animals in fire
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MT. VERNON — The city’s fire department has its first thermal-imaging 
“In a burning house, it seeks body heat and shows the silhouette of a 
person,” Fire Chief Brent Hahn said of the camera.
You might think a person’s body would be masked by the heat from the flames 
in a burning home, but Hahn said flames are displayed in one color while body 
heat shows up as a different color in the camera.
“It differentiates the high heat of a fire room and the heat of a person from 
a fire,” Hahn said of the camera. 
“Fire starts showing orange and bright red, and the body heat is probably a 
greenish color,” he said.
The $10,000 camera is lighter weight, cheaper and has a bigger screen than some 
of the first cameras developed for use by fire departments just a few years ago.
The image on the camera allows firefighters in a smoke-filled room to see the 
heat images of hot spots, flames, people and animals. 
The camera is so sensitive that after the walls of a building have had a little 
time to warm up, it can also show the studs in a wall. If a person leans 
against a wall for just a few seconds, the heat left behind is displayed on the 
camera in graphic detail.
The camera was purchased as a result of a grant received by the fire department 
from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. 

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