[cifnmedia] Mattoon Building Collapse Kills One

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Building Collapse Kills One
Posted: April 23, 2004 
A demolition project goes terribly wrong in Mattoon, Illinois.  Around eleven 
Friday morning, a portion of the old Bushue Building collapsed in historic 
downtown Mattoon. Police say workers inside were cutting on a joist when the 
building gave way.  Three hours after the accident happened, Mattoon Fire Chief 
Bruce Grafton says one construction worker had died and another suffered cuts, 
bruises and broken bones. Friday night officials say a lot of questions still 
remain unanswered as to exactly what happened. Rescue crews from Mattoon and 
Charleston rush to the scene of a building collapse on Broadway Avenue as 
workers are trapped inside. Then late this afternoon the news no one wanted to 
hear one of the works had been killed.  Swearingen Brothers Construction worker 
46-year-old Wayne Boruff of Toledo had been killed.  He was part of a crew 
tearing down the building which sat vacant for years.  Grafton says the worker 
who did survive tried, but couldn't communicate with his co-worker after the 
building fell.  Because of concern more of the building would fall the entire 
area was evacuated.  Bob Vogelsang's mother worked in the building for years.  
He says it had just been sitting for a long time.  Police blocked off several 
blocks around Broadway avenue and they say they won't reopen the street until 
it's safe.  Grafton says an investigation will now be launched into the cause 
of the collapse. He says the will most likely include interviewing workers at 
the scene and an investigation by OSHA.  One again 46-year-old Wayne Boruff of 
Toledo was killed in the collapse.  Another member of the demolition crew got 
out of the building on his own and was not hurt. 


Sean A. Aaron (CIFN*1)
Central Illinois Fire Network

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