[cifnmedia] Maryland 911 Operator Reprimanded for Falling Asleep During Call

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            Maryland 911 Operator Reprimanded for Falling Asleep During Call
            DAVID E. LEIVA
            Associated Press

            BALTIMORE (AP) -- The Anne Arundel County 911 operator who fell 
asleep during an emergency call about a prowler last month has reportedly been 

            Louis Gerber told WBAL-TV in Baltimore that he was reprimanded by 
supervisors, the television station reported Thursday. 

            ``I'm extremely sorry for embarrassing everyone in the 
department,'' Gerber said in the interview. ``I can't explain it.'' 

            Patricia Berg called 911 about 2:45 a.m. July 29 to report a 
possible burglar, but after making her request for help, the Glen Burnie 
resident waited. And waited - for 1 minute and 42 seconds. Gerber had fallen 

            According to a tape recording, Gerber woke up only when Berg asked 
him if help was coming. 

            ``Hello?'' Berg said several times. 

            ``Hello ... yes?'' Gerber answered. 

            ``I was just wondering if you were still there?'' Berg asked. 

            ``What's the problem?'' Gerber asked. 

            ``I've already told you,'' Berg said. ``You don't remember me 
telling you what was wrong?'' 

            After a few seconds, Gerber confirmed the address Berg had given 
and the call was passed along to a dispatcher. 

            Gerber told WBAL-TV that before he came to work, he took his 
82-year-old mother to several doctor's appointments for cancer and dialysis 
treatment. He said he had slept for an hour before he went to work on the 
midnight shift. 

            ``In retrospect, maybe I should have called in sick, but I 
wasn't,'' Gerber told the station. ``Apparently, I was exhausted.'' 

            He said this was the first time this had ever happened. He has 
worked as a call-take for the county since 1993. 

            A woman reached Friday at Gerber's home said he was unavailable for 

            Police spokesman Lt. Joseph E. Jordan said state law prevented him 
from discussing specific personnel issues, but said ``I've been here 18 years 
and this has never happened before.'' 

            Nearly 80 employees answer phones or dispatch police, fire and 
medical units at the county's 24-hour emergency call center. 

            When police arrived at Berg's home, they found no evidence of a 
break-in and no one was hurt, he said. 

            Jordan marveled at how the national media found Gerber's story more 
interesting than last month's news about DNA evidence that linked a convicted 
murderer to the killings of three women dating back nearly two decades. 

            ``It goes to show you it doesn't matter who you arrest,'' Jordan 
said. ``He's the one person everyone wants to know about.'' 


              a.. Maryland 911 Operator Calls His Falling Asleep 'Inexcusable' 
              b.. Maryland Operator Falls Asleep During 911 Call 
              c.. Maryland 911 Operator Falls Asleep During Call 
              d.. Maryland 911 Operator Falls Asleep During Call 

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