[cifnmedia] Illinois EMT Sues Ambulance Company Over Firing

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Illinois EMT Sues Ambulance Company Over Firing


CHICAGO (AP) -- An emergency medical technician fired by an ambulance company 
for refusing to help drive a woman to an abortion clinic sued her former 
employer Friday, claiming religious discrimination. 

Stephanie Adamson, 35, was fired from Superior Ambulance Co. in August. She 
said her religious beliefs prevented her from helping after she learned that 
the woman was to be taken from a Chicago hospital to a clinic for an elective 

``We think it's a fairly straightforward case,'' said Frank Manion, an attorney 
for the Kentucky-based American Center for Law & Justice, which is representing 

Her complaint seeks compensation for lost wages, unspecified punitive damages 
and damages for emotional distress. 

The ambulance company said Adamson was not fired for her religious beliefs but 
because her actions created a threat to the patient's safety. 

``Emergency medical technicians must perform their duties without regard to 
their own or their patients' social, political or religious beliefs,'' the 
company statement said in a statement. 

Manion said the Civil Rights Act of 1964 required the company to try to 
accommodate Adamson, who is a Christian. 

He said a second ambulance crew arrived while Adamson and her partner were at 
the hospital for the non-emergency call, showing Superior was still able to 
provide service. 

The company said the patient suffered from severe abdominal pain, and the delay 
caused by Adamson's refusal to assist led to the patient being taken to the 
emergency room rather than the clinic. 


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