[cifnmedia] Hooper Island VFC gets $101K

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Published: Aug 11, 2004 - 08:42:34 pm EDT
Hooper Island VFC gets $101K
By Dave Ryan, Daily Banner

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Secretary Tom Ridge announced on Wednesday 236 grants to 
fire departments throughout the United States.

The Hooper Island Volunteer Fire Company has been awarded a $101,250 grant from 
the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Assistance to Firefighters Grants. 
These awards are administered by the Department's Office for Domestic 
Preparedness in cooperation with the U.S. Fire Administration.

A grant that large means a lot to a small company. Members of the Hooper Island 
VFC learned Wednesday from Rep. Wayne Gilchrest's office that the money had 
come through.

In a phone conversation, their happiness was evident.

"We put in a proposal to upgrade our radios," Treasurer Rosemary Dean said. "We 
applied for more turnout gear," and breathing apparatus, she added. 

President Steve Wilson said, "We're replacing stuff from the storm damage." 
While insurance covered much of Hurricane Isabel's damage, other expenses were 
paid by the fire company.

Ms. Dean said Secretary Kathy Blake, a new firefighter, had done most of the 
grant writing. "She was instrumental," Ms. Dean said.

The good news was kept from Ms. Blake until Wednesday night's meeting, when she 
was told of her success.

The federal grants will ultimately total approximately 8,000 awards worth 
nearly $750 million in direct assistance to firefighters throughout the 
country, demonstrating Homeland Security's commitment to ensuring that 
America's firefighters have the resources they need to protect their 

"President Bush and I strongly support the critical mission of our Nation's 
firefighters. Through these funds, we will ensure that our Nation's emergency 
responders have the equipment and training they need to respond to all 
hazards," said Secretary Ridge.

"We recognize the importance of the Fire Act Grants to our Nation's fire 
departments and we will continue to work closely with the fire service 
community to meet their needs," added C. Suzanne Mencer, Director of the Office 
for Domestic Preparedness (ODP).

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