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      Driver in fatal crash has apparently fled
      * Marydel man wanted for manslaughter, DWI 
            By: KORY DODD , Staff Writer  02/03/2004 
           This is a picture of the accident scene last fall taken by staff 
photographer CHRIS POLK.   
      MARYDEL - Police are searching for a Marydel man who was involved in a 
fatal car crash south of Henderson in November.

      Charges of manslaughter and driving while intoxicated against Sergio 
Bamaca, 33, were filed after police discovered he and his family had fled the 
area. Police realized Bamaca was missing on Jan. 10 when a officer with the 
Maryland State Police Crash Investigation Team drove to Bamaca's home in 
Walker's Trailer Park for a second interview, said State's Attorney Jonathan 

      On Nov. 1, Bamaca's 1997 Dodge Ram van crossed a double yellow line along 
a curve on Route 311 south of River Bridge Road and crashed head on into a 1996 
Jeep Cherokee that had been traveling south. The jeep's driver, Richard Harold 
Harris Jr., 30, of Henderson, died before help arrived. Bamaca's leg had to be 
amputated at the scene and his four children, who were also in the car, were 
all hospitalized for various injuries but later released.

      Newell said the crash team waited until Bamaca had been released from the 
hospital before first questioning him in early January. The interview netted 
very little information because the officer was not bilingual and Bamaca did 
not speak English, Newell said. 

      After preliminary tests came back showing Bamaca was driving with a blood 
alcohol concentration of .07 at the time of the accident, a level warranting a 
driving while impaired charge, the officer and a translator went to visit 
Bamaca on Jan. 10, Newell said. But Bamaca and his family were gone and had not 
left a forwarding address. 

      Police are asking anyone with information regarding Bamaca's whereabouts 
to call the Maryland State Police at 410-479-3101.

      Complete story appears in the print version. 

      To subscribe to the print edition click here. 

      ©The Star Democrat 2004  

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